Weijie Lyu

I am a second year Master of Science student in Computer Science department of University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, advised by Prof. Derek Hoiem.

Perviously I was advised by Prof. Bo Li, focusing on safety-critical autonomous driving. I also worked closely with Prof. Ding Zhao.

I received my Bachelor of Engineering degree from ShanghaiTech University, majoring in Computer Science and Technology. I spent my junior year as an exchange student at UC Berkeley, during which I was an undergraduate researcher in Prof. Sonia Bishop's lab.

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I am applying for CS Ph.D. starting from Fall 2023. Looking forward to chatting with you if you are interested!


My research interests mainly lie in computer vision and deep learning. The goal of my research is to explore how AI perceives the world and how to improve this ability inspired by human intelligence. Specifically, I am interested in the following topics:

General Purpose Vision: Making vision systems scale up to numerous tasks using unified interfaces, with the ability to continually learn emerging concepts.

Few-shot / Zero-shot Learning: Building strong recognition models by performing self-supervision on fewer labeled data or even unlabeled data.

SafeBench: A Benchmarking Platform for Safety Evaluation of Autonomous Vehicles
Chejian Xu*, Wenhao Ding*, Weijie Lyu, Zuxin Liu,
Shuai Wang, Yihan He, Hanjiang Hu, Ding Zhao, Bo Li
NeurIPS 2022
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A benchmark which systematically evaluates the safety and robustness of autonomous driving algorithms under diverse testing scenarios and provides comprehensive evaluation metrics.

CircuitBot: Learning to survive with robotic circuit drawing
Xianglong Tan, Weijie Lyu, Andre Rosendo

A robot which can construct an electrical path to access energy from a power source while avoiding potential obstacles and controlling the charging voltage.

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Reviewer for NeurIPS 2022


CS441 Applied Machine Learning, Spring 2023

CS100 Computer Science Orientation, Fall 2022

CS150 Database and Data Mining, Fall 2020


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